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The School Day

Please see below examples of how we structure the students school day: 

Timetable 1:

Timetable 2: 

Students transition into school from buses, taxis or parents, complete registers, lunch orders and discuss the day ahead. All classes have personalised morning routines that are bespoke and unique to each group of learners. 

Lessons are personalised to meet the individual needs of learners and are appropriately pitched depending on the students pathway-please see our website curriculum area for more information.  

Playground times are phased to ensure the students have the appropriate space to enjoy and engage in activities safety. 

All classes have a mid-morning break and students are offered a drink, small healthy snack or the choice to eat food sent from home. Snack sessions are used to further enhance the students communication and life skills. 

Drop everything and read sessions are discrete sessions designed to allow increased opportunities for students to develop reading skills appropriate to their reading level.

At lunchtime, students have the choice to either bring a packed lunch to school or take advantage of a healthy school meal freshly prepared by the catering staff on the school premises. We are able to cater for all dietary needs. Some children may also be eligible for Free School Meals which will entitle the school to receive Pupil Premium funding. Where appropriate some students participate in lunch clubs and eat food in class if they are not ready to access the Dining Hall. These students have a personalised plan to help them transition into the Dining Hall. 

The students reflect upon the day and prepare to go home. Final messages are given to students and a carefully managed system is in place to ensure all students transition home safely. 


For further information about your individual class timetable, please speak to your class teacher.