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Personalised Learning

Each of our students is a unique individual with unique interests, strengths, learning needs and challenges.

As such, it is important that learning and teaching is personalised to meet the needs of each student as an individual.

Differentiated learning objectives are informed by our sequenced schemes of work. However, individual objectives (some linked to Individual Education Plans) for each student are incorporated into the planning; for example, activities offered to students may have the same theme — for example, ‘teamwork’ may be delivered for one student through games, and another through playing music.

Teachers personalise learning for the individual by considering:

  • Content
  • Interest
  • Access
  • Curricular sequence
  • Structure
  • Grouping
  • Different teaching styles

Effective personalisation and differentiation is achieved through accurate assessment. As such, assessment for learning is a fundamental aspect of our teaching approach at Windmill Hill. Formative assessment informs identified next steps for learners, ensuring that learning is sequenced appropriately for each student as an individual.