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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Vision:

To equip all learners with confidence, skills, resilience, and high aspirations in order to lead happy, fulfilling lives in an ever-changing world.

Developing:-    Confident Individuals   Responsible Citizens   Successful Learners

Curriculum Driver:

Relationships & Social Capital: To develop the links and support networks that an individual has around them which supports emotional health and wellbeing (Me, We, Our, Your) in order to become positive members of society.

We do this by ensuring our curriculum: 

  • Is ambitious and appropriate to meet the individual needs and potential of each learner. 
  • Promotes equality, inclusion, and British Values. 
  • ‘Brings life to learning and learning to life’ in both the creative nature of lessons and the relevance to life skills. 
  • Supports the social, moral, spiritual, and cultural development of each child. 
  • Enables our learners to become active members of the local community. 

Core Values:

The Windmill Hill School core values define the culture of our school community, characterising the ethos that informs collaboration, and binds our effective learning community together. These core values embody what it means to be a member of the Windmill Hill School community, and therefore underpin all aspects of our curriculum offer. The core values define how we expect all staff and students to conduct themselves on a day-to-day basis and act as a guide to promote safe and positive behaviour.

Our core values are: 

One key indicator for a fulfilling life is social capital — the links and support networks that an individual has around them which supports emotional health and wellbeing (informing our curriculum driver). To meet our core values, it is vital that our curriculum enables learners to develop these links by ensuring that our school community is accessible and inclusive to all. We achieve this by having a very clear focus and understanding of the three themes for safety:

  • Support for the individual to develop the skills to make links (self-regulation and communication skills) — relationship with self.
  • Develop positive relationships (communication skills and emotional regulation) — relationships with others.
  • Build personal skills that help to develop positive mutually beneficial relationships, not only at an individual level, but between groups and to benefit others — relationship with the curriculum.


At Windmill Hill we believe that our students learn best when they:

  • Feel safe and secure.
  • Are confident and happy.
  • Are interested and motivated.
  • Know that their opinions are valued and respected.
  • Have clear boundaries and consistent routines.
  • Have access to a communication-friendly environment.
  • Are appropriately challenged and stimulated through personalised curricular experiences.
  • Achieve positive and successful outcomes which are regularly praised and celebrated.

For further information about our school curriculum, please contact the school office to arrange a meeting with a member of the leadership team.