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Mental Health, Wellbeing & other services

Mental Health Awareness at Windmill Hill School

Having good mental health is the foundation for learning. At Windmill Hill School we look at the needs of each child and work to support them.

Each year we hold a Mental Health Awareness Day when students and staff experience both fun activities and learn about strategies for managing our mental health.

It is through staff working to meet student needs, and students understanding their role in the learning process, that together we can ensure students at Windmill Hill School have the best opportunity to learn and make progress.

Students receive additional support through the varied and wide-ranging alternative curriculum and through therapies.

Please follow the links below for current information regarding different mental health and wellbeing services and for guidance on mental health and wellbeing. This includes updated information regarding Covid-19.

  • NHS - Where to get urgent help for mental health.

  • Shout - Shout provides free, confidential support, 24/7 via text, for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere.

  • NHS - MindEd for Families - MindEd is a free learning resource about the mental health of children, young people and older adults.

  • Parental Controls Information - Guide to help parents set up the right controls and privacy settings on the networks, gadgets, apps, and sites they use to give children a safer online experience.

Resources for Children & Young People
  • Childline - Call 0800 1111 - Childline is free service provided by NSPCC for children and young people to contact for confidential support.

  • The Mix - Essential support for under 25's - The Mix is a free, confidential support service for young people - from mental health to money challenges.

  • Rise Above - Rise above is a digital resource developed to address health challenges, including COVID-19, in a way that resonates with young people. It offers a digital hub providing young people with a safe and inspiring space where they can learn how to deal with the issues that matter to them and build their resilience and confidence.

  • Children’s guide to coronavirus (Powerpoint) -Resources to help guide children through the changes in our lives because of coronavirus.

  • My Hero is You (Storybook) - Storybook developed by and for children around the world affected by COVID-19.

  • Looking after your feelings and your body - Public Health England Booklet - An easy-read guide to looking after your feelings and your body.


Please follow the links below for current information regarding different health services and for further guidance on health. 


Please follow the links below for links to Bereavement support services.